How do I set up a multi-level calibration in Open Lab CDS 2.4?


I am very  new to OpenLab CDS 2.4 and am needing help pretty early on. 


I am trying to calibrate an HPLC with a C-18 column. I have a method that was sent to me from another lab but the calibration was not included. I need to configure a 13 point multi-level calibration. What I have done so far is create a sequence labeled the samples as 'Cal standards', selected the method, and set the level. The method ran but when I tried data analysis there was no calibration table or calibration curve. Do I need to also select a proc. method? The method that was sent to me is specifically used to run samples, do I need a separate method to calibrate? Also, where can I learn to process the data?  


Thank you! 

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