How to delete an old sample in the Run Queue Sequence? ChemStation for LC Rev. B.04.03

Does anyone knows how to delete an old sample in the Run Queue Sequence?

This sample cannot be deleted as normal and it is always present in the sequence queue.

I'm using ChemStation for LC 3D systems Rev. B.04.03 [16]






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    I apologize for the extreme delay. I was looking through some old posts and found that this one had not been replied to. 


    If you still need help with this, then my first question would be if the old sequence remains in the run queue even after closing and re-launching ChemStation. If so, then I would recommend that you try resetting the instrument's config.reg file (either by deleting or renaming the file). This file is found by default in C:\Chem32\#\ where # is the instrument number (1, 2, 3, 4). 

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    Thanks for your reply.


    The old sequence remains in the run queue as “submitted” even after closing and re-launching ChemStation.

    I have checked in the C:\Chem32\1\ and there were several config.reg files. I deleted all that were old and kept only one “config.reg”. After re-naming this file nothing changed in the sequence queue.

    What happed if I delete all “config.reg” files?


    Any other option to delete the old sequence from the running queue?


    Thanks in advance for your time and help.


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  • Martin,


    There should only be one config.reg file for each instrument. It is possible that in the past the config.reg file was renamed (perhaps to config.old or config.reg.old or something along those lines) because of a suspected corruption similar to what we are seeing now. Those old files are not being used by the software anymore and there is really no need to keep them around. When you delete or rename the config.reg file, a new config.reg will be created the next time you launch and then close the instrument session. 

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  • I have OpenLab version 3.5 and a run queue that can't be edited.  Does anyone knows where the possibly corrupt config.reg files are located now?

    The folder  C:\Chem32\ is not seen.  Any help much appreciated

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