Macro for Batch Export of CSV in C.01.10

Hello. I wanted to see if anyone has come across or written a macro to export a batch of files into csv natively within Openlab C.01.10? There was a macro created for this purpose in older versions of ChemStation that was very useful. 

  • Hi howard_sanford,

    first of all thank you for posting this macro, it has been very helpful for me and my colleagues.

    We were wondering if this macro could be implemented to obtain a single CSV file containing all the signals from each sample in the run, so that we don't have to open each individual file and merge the single signals for every sample (we work with 50 samples per run and it is quite painful to process them). Ideally it would be great to have also a single file containing all the RTs and peak areas per sample, again to speed up the processing and get the concentration of the compounds.

    This macro would save us an incredible amount of time if it would be possible to obtain.

    Thank you very much in advance!

  • Hello  ,

    I'm glad you found that useful. The previous change I made was a very minor change to a very old user contributed file. I don't believe this macro could be easily modified to put all the results in one file. You could check the macro given as the other solution to see if that may be easier to modify. Or it is possible another user has something that they may be able to share that is closer to what you want.

    You could also try to search for a batch file or shell script that could concatenate the files and do something like placing the file name in between each section. 

    For getting all the RTs and peak areas into one file you could investigate using a Sequence Summary report. This can be set in the Sequence Parameters under Sequence Output.

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