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We have had a recurring issue with our Chemstation software connected to our Agilent 1260 Infinity II systems. The problem is not new, it has happened sporadically since the instrument and software were installed about a year ago, but has now become more and more frequent.

During a sequence run, Chemstation online stops working haphazardly, displaying a message with scarce information (something like 'Chemstation has stopped working'). The only option is to press 'Close program' and the software then shuts down. Despite Chemstation online being closed down, the instrument keeps running on whatever flow/gradient that was on at the time the shut-down message occured, but the sequence is not continued. After restarting the software it works just perfectly fine, i.e. until it happens again. This is extremely frustrating when you plan to run over-night sequences and it stops somewhere in the middle of it.


I have not been able to see any connection with any particular instrument action, this may happen for the 2nd or the 38th sample in a sequence, for all kinds of methods, it may pop-up as a new injection is being made as well as in the middle or the end of a run. It has happened every day the last week, but sometimes it has been working fine for several weeks in a row. We have the same issue for two systems with the same Chemstation version but with varying frequency.


Does anyone recognize this problem or have any suggestions of how to resolve it?

The Chemstation version we have on these instruments is C.01.08 [210]


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    There are a lot of different possible causes to the 'ChemMain has stopped working' message. ChemMain.exe is the primary executable used to launch/run the OpenLab CDS ChemStation application. All that the error message is telling you is that something has interfered with the operation of ChemMain.exe.


    The most common cause for this error is that an antivirus program detected ChemMain.exe as threat during an active scan. You can check your antivirus logs to see if there is any mention of ChemMain.exe around the times that this error has occurred. You can also use the Windows Event Viewer to check the Application, Security, and System logs to see if there are any events being logged at the times of these error messages. If you are lucky, the faulting module listed in the event will point in the direction of what is causing the error. If it is an antivirus program, then you should be able to resolve the errors by configuring the program as specified in the Workstation Installation and Configuration Guide here: . The section on how to configure the antivirus program begins on page 47.


    If you perform this troubleshooting and are still unable to determine the cause of the ChemMain errors, then I would recommend you contact your local Agilent support: Contact Us | Agilent

  • Many thanks for your reply!


    Before I read this response I tried a quick solution attempt to disconnect the wired internet connection to see if the problem could be due to interference with any online application. Since this action, Chemstation has been working flawlessly for five days straight (and still counting), so it definitely looks like Chemstation is interfering with something that requires internet connection. An Antivirus program sounds like a reasonable explanation. I will try the configuration settings as you recommend once I go back online and see if it will be successful.

  • It is good to hear that you are back up and running!


    Something else to look into is your firewall setup. In the requirements guide ( ) there is a section starting on page 40 that outlines the TCP ports that are required to be open in order for OpenLab ChemStation to operate.

  • We have the same problem with our Software - OpenLab CDS Chemstation Edition Rev. C.01.07-SR3(465); Control Panel Data Store v. 2.1.0 (476), but we have realised that it always happen when we open the Control Panel or the Content manager. It's very frustating. We can't use both apps at the same time, so we can't sign/approve electronic records while an analysis is running.


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