How do you calculate Relative Response Factors (RRFs) in OpenLab?

I would like to get our OpenLab software to calculate RRFs for each compound that we are analyzing for informational purposes only.  I do not want this to be part of the calibration calculations that would affect calculated results.


For example, say we have 3 compounds we are testing for and their peak areas are as follows:


Compound 1:  300

Compound 2:  150

Compound 3:  100


I would like to assign one of these compounds, for example Compound 1, as having a RRF of 1.00 and then for the OpenLab software to calculate the RRFs of the other two compounds accordingly.  


Using the example above, the RRFs in the injection results table should be as follows:


Compound 1: 1.00

Compound 2: 0.50

Compound 3: 0.33


Is there a way to do this in OpenLab? 

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