Software Page Update

The Software page has been split into three pages, Chromatography Software, Data Management Software, and Mass Spectrometry Software.

What product(s) are covered on each page?

Chromatography Software includes OpenLab CDS, OpenLab ChemStation, OpenLab EZChrom, ChemStation, EZChrom.

Data Management Software includes OpenLab ECM, ECM XT and OpenLab Server.

Mass Spectrometry Software includes Mass Spec Data Analysis and Acquisition, MSD ChemStation, MSD Productivity App.

What actions are required?

Go to the Chromatography Software, Data Management Software, and Mass Spectrometry Software pages and verify that your Email digest options and Forum Notifications are set so that you are receiving the information you're interested in.  Refer to the screen captures below for illustrations, the Mass Spectrometry Software page is used as an example, but it will apply to any page.  If you have any questions or concerns contact us at  

14Feb2022 Update:  Added Data Management Group.

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