Some suggestion for Seal that I need to put on 96 well plates, which holding the samples for HPLC

Hello everyone, I would like to ask if someone can suggest me the type of sealing I will use on ThermoFisher's NuncTm 96-Well Polystyrene Conical Bottom MicroWellTm plates, the type of sealing I need should be compatible with HPLC, which means: the sealing should be strong and not leave pieces inside the needle, also considering that some samples (standar and blank) are passed through the needle repeatedly. In addition, it must avoid evaporation of the solvent. The material I thought might be compatible is Bonded-in PTFE/Silicone septa, which is what is present in the caps of the vails I am using now and has not given me any problems. Thank you, Chiara

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