Jojoba Oil - Has anyone successfully removed Fatty Alcohols from Fatty Acids prior to BF3 in FAME reaction?

Working in small volumes - Jojoba oil breaks into free fatty acids and fatty alcohols after the -OH reaction.  The fatty alcohols remain through the process untouched and end up in the chromatography.  How can you remove the fatty alcohols so that you only see the fatty acid profile. 

  • Dear plowmase,

    BF3/methanol will also form ethers with the fatty alcohols and you end up with a FAME/fatty ether mixture. With a simple sample prep step you are not able to separate these two groups. If you would do a classical saponification first you would have the fatty alcohols and the fatty acid salts, those are water soluble and wouldn't be retained by a C18 SPE cartridge whereas the fatty alcohols would have a certain retention. Reconstituting the aqueous and neutral made "acid phase" in methanol and following BF3 treatment would lead to pure FAMEs.

    Another possibility could be a weak ion exchanger SPE to remove the acids from the alcohols and subsequent step to FAMEs.



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