Cary 7000 thinks it's a Cary 4000, non signal in chamber


I am having an issue with my companies Cary 7000 which was purchased this most recent winter.  When looking in the database entries and the system information area it says that it is a Cary 4000 and I am unable to edit this.  The system will not allow for a measurement wavelength over 900nm and I believe this is because a Cary 4000 cannot measure in the NIR as our system is able to.  

In addition to this I am not observing any light in the test chamber even when set to zero order.  I have visually verified that the VIS, NIR, and UV sources are functional but have not been able to measure or observe any light from them in the chamber.  These sources have a around 200 hours of use so I don't think this relates to signal degradation.  My best guess is that the hardware is confused since it is being given signals to operate a Cary 4000 leading to abnormal performance and no observable light in the chamber.

How can I solve this issue?  Would it be enough to simply change the database so it knows the machine is a Cary 700?

Thank you for your help in advance

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