Problems with Cary WinUV

Hello team,

I have problems with the CaryWinUV software on the Cary 60. After installing the software on a PC with Windows 7 operating system, I get an error message stating: "No driver found".

The software installed is Cary WinUV, version, year 2011. I would like to know if you can help me to obtain the driver needed to install the software correctly.

  • Software Version is only supported on Windows 7, 32 bit. If the Cary 60 was connected to the computer before the software was installed, you may have the incorrect drivers. Disconnect the instrument from the computer and re-install the software. Re-boot the computer. Open the System Information application in the Cary WinUV folder and select the Instrument Tab, and change the instrument type to a Cary 60. Close the System Information Tab. Connect the Cary 60 to the computer and open any application to see if you have communications.

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