Different solvents with GPC columns


I'd like to use different solvents with my GPC column? Is this possible? What are the limitations?

Thank you!

  • Hi, Using one and the same column for different applications is possible, as long both solvents are permitted (column user manual e.g.). 

    The column should always be flushed very slowly from solvent A to B (0.1 mL/min). At least 5 times the column volume is required for complete rinsing (preferably more); a classic analytical PSS Agilent column holds about 12-15 mL.
    1) If A and B are completely miscible and free of additives, no intermediate step is necessary.
    2) If A and B are miscible, but B contains a salt additive: Then first rinse from A to the salt-free B and then on to B.
    3) If A and B are not miscible, an intermediate rinse must be carried out using a solvent C that is compatible with the column and miscible with A and B.

    Note: Frequent rinsing deteriorates the column performance more quickly. Check out samples can help to assess the column performance and initiate a necessary recalibration.

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