HFIP (hexafluoroisopropanol)

I have a polymer that I would like to measure with HFIP as a mobile phase. What do I have to consider with this aggressive solvent?

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  • As you have already mentioned, HFIP is a very aggressive solvent that has a high density at a low boiling point.

    Note that only the external degassers G1322/G7122 are compatible with HFIP. HFIP analyses are usually run with KTFAc as a salt additive and typically PFG/HFIPgel columns are used for analysis with that solvent. The column temperature should not exceed 40 °C. To avoid pressure fluctuations, a restriction capillary (p/n G1362-87301) can be used between the pump and the autosampler.

    If no measurements are being carried out, the system should never stand still in HFIP/KTFAc; always use a flow rate of 0.05-0.1 mL/min (in circuit) or flush the system with pure HFIP on isopropanol (disconnected columns!), for example. However, if the system is operated continuously in HFIP, regular maintenance of the system is definitely recommended.

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