GPC Triple Calibration Error code AC5506

I am attempting to complete a triple calibration; however, it won't allow me to add any additional point to make a calibration curve like the conventional GPC calibration. The error message says code AC5506 recalibrating will overwrite your current system calibration.

Also, my Pullulan Polysaccharide calibration kit did not come with known IV (dl/g) and I was unable to find any previous know IV online. Also, what suggestion do you have for determining wavelength. Am I ok to just leave it at the preset default 658nm? 

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  • Hello Larry,  

    When performing the System Calibration only one point is used,  unlike when creating a column calibration for conventional or Universal GPC. This one point calibration creates the linear response factor (K) for each of the detectors. Intrinsic viscosity is needed for the standard used here. If your standard CofA doesnt include this information choose a different standard. 


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