Problems with analyzing data GPC/SEC using Openlab CDS Ezchrom (A.04.09)

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We have problems with analyzing GPC/SEC data using Openlab CDS Ezchrom (A.04.09). We measured the samples on a HPLC which we normally don't use for GPC measurements. 

For this instrument we created a method based on a old GPC method. We ran the samples and the calibration standards with this, adjusted the calibration line manually. All necessary annotations are turned on, but we do not see any result in our chromatogram, which we do see with our standard GPC method (on a different instrument but controlled with the same computer).

I already made a ticket and talked with an employee of Agilent but he is still busy figuring out what the cause is so I was hoping someone of this community can help us. We were also thinking maybe it has something to do with a license but we are able to measure samples with the method and making changes in the SEC setup etc. 

Thank you in advance. 

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