Client Server Installation of OpenLab CDS Version 2.7 Reporting CRL-AIC Communication Error

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Recently we migrated to OpenLab CDS software 2.7v, today we encountered an issue with the software, that we ran sequence containing blank, standard-5 injections and samples. Sequence is aborted automatically after completion of standard injections with error showing CRL-AIC Communication error. Can anyone from the team could suggest us what could be the reason behind, how to fix this issue in future. I'm attaching audit report for your information.


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    I deleted a duplicate post on this issue. You should contact your local Agilent support (Contact Us | Agilent) on this issue if it is for a workstation system. If the system is a client server installation you should be able to open a ticket with Agilent Lab Informatics. Our support group would need to look into the system logs to determine a cause for the error. The activity logs as attached simply show a loss of communication to the instrument. Without more detailed information my suggestion would be to look at the network connection from controller to the HPLC for any possible issues. If the connection is direct perhaps the PC is set to go into a power saving mode. If the connection is across your company network, you might want your IT group to look at any switch logs between the system. Instruments on corporate networks can also have issues with security scans and other network information queries as they are not typical network objects.


  • Hello Martin,  

    Good morning,

    Our network is a client server installation, We are having 2 HPLC's connected through separate PC through AIC. At that moment when we faced the issue with one HPLC where the sequence is aborted in-between the run, the other HPLC is running and we didn't observed any issue with the second one. 

    Can you please help me how to open a ticket with Agilent Lab Informatics.



  • Ramesh,

    You should be able to open a ticket at Agilent Software Service Desk, if you have a current SMA (software maintenance agreement). It looks like your system is fairly new so you should have an active SMA from the original purchase. If you are not sure about the SMA, I would talk to your system administrator to see if they already have users registered in the support portal to open tickets.

    Marty Adams

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