Infinite run time

Has anyone run into an issue with instruments switching to an infinite run time?

I am using OpenLab CDS 2.5 with ECM.

I have run into an issue when running on 1 of our instruments (1200 with VWD) where when there is no injection, the instrument ignores the pump run time in the method and switches to the sampler.

This has occurred when my sequence had a no-injection instrument blank line and during the shutdown run.  In both instances, the acquisition method run time was set to be controlled by the pump with all other modules referring to it.

I tried troubleshooting this by running shutdown methods with the run time controlled by the pump or by the sampler.  In every instance with this instrument, when the run time was controlled by the pump it would run for the specified duration and then switch to controlled by the sampler at the end of the runtime and use an infinite run time.

On a related note, I had always thought it was a best practice to have the method run time set on only one module and have all other modules defer to it.  Is this the recommended practice, and if so, which module is the best option to use?

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