OpenLab CDS Install: "Check Pending Reboot" Fails during Multiple Reboots

We are trying install OpenLab LTS 01.11 Aug 2022 onto our Windows 10 system; however, the System Preparation Tool states that the Check Pending Reboot step fails even after rebooting the computer.

This is a known issue with the software, but there is no suggested fix. Has anyone figured out a workaround? 

Below is the information that I gleaned from the Software Status Bulletin for OpenLAB CDS ChemStation Edition M83xxAA.

KPR#:698383  Product:OpenLAB CDS ChemStation Edition  M83xx  LTS 01.11

Keyword: Installation

One-line Description:

System Preparation Tool:  Check Pending Reboot step fails even after rebooting computer


During the System Preparation Tool (SPT) step, the 'Check Pending Reboot' status fails even after rebooting the computer multiple times. 

This happens often with Windows 11 operating system.

Temporary Solution:

It can take rebooting the computer at least 3 times to pass the 'Check Pending Reboot step.

Fix Information:

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