How to use SCM to deploy OpenLab CDS client software

Did you know that you can simplify OpenLab CDS client deployment in your enterprise using software configuration management?

Enterprises with a large number of systems manage software installations using professional software configuration management (SCM) tools such as Microsoft SCCM. SCM tools make it easier to know what software is installed on which machines and eliminates chances for errors during installation or during applying updates and patches. Refer to the attached PDF below for configuration instructions.


  • Is this the approach Agilent would use if they perform an upgrade from one version to another? Is this using a script? 

  • Thanks for the question Camelia. This is a procedure for mass deployment and update of clients using an SCM. This is an approach typically taken by large corporations to control what is installed on systems in their network. It is implemented by in-house or contracted IT professionals, not by Agilent. The configurations and scripts contained here are meant to guide an IT professional through successful automated deployment of OpenLab CDS clients in this type of environment.

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