OpenLAB CDS 2.x DA is slowdown when Export / Import data. How to fix this.?

OpenLAB CDS 2.x DA is slowdown when Export / Import data. How to fix this.?


Do we have any limitations for the database size in OpenLab CDS 2.x.?

  • Hello Bala,

    Which version of OL 2.X are you using? In versions earlier than OL 2.3 Data Analysis can be slow to load if there are more than 200 result sets in the project. How are you importing/ exporting - launching DA then in the Data Selection view, going to Import/ Export (as .olax file)?


  • Hello Sara,

    Thanks for the reply, My question is related to FTP Upload & Download in OpenLAB CDS 2.3 Client Server system with Postgre SQL. Copying the data using FTP in one of the client. from another client I'm doing the DA process for non related data. Entire client server system feels very slow. If I cancel the ftp data copy, system feels better. after restarting the Shared service & Tomcat service only its coming normal, do you have any idea for this?

  • Hi Bala,


    FTP is strongly affected by latency and the quality of your network. How far does the FTP have to travel between the client and database server, how many hops between them? Connectivity, bandwidth and input/ output write capability of the server hard drives affect FTP speed too.


    Is the FTP transfer slow or is the system just slow when you are doing FTP? Are your clients/ server virtual or real? Some FTP transfer programs may operate better if exclusions are in place in any firewalls or antivirus you may have.


    Kind regards,


  • Hi Sara,


    I copied the data in to OL Shared server & Installed the FTP Client application on the same server and running the FTP transfer. Hope there is no issue as you mentioned. Do we have any limits to access CM. below the server Spec.


    Server Spec: IntelRegistered XeonRegistered Processor E3-1220 (Dual) 3.1 GHz

    RAM: 64GB

    HDD(SSD): 3TB (RAID5 - Data)

    NIC: 10 GBPS

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