113-3133 Chromatography Column Peak Separation and Detection of Products

We recently acquired the Agilent 13-3133 chromatography column, with specifications of 30m0.320mm3.0um, which is installed on our 6890 GC system.

We are currently utilizing this column to analyze products within a carbon dioxide hydrogenation reaction system. However, we have encountered an issue where minor and major peaks appear around 1.48 and 1.5 minutes, respectively. We are unable to conclusively determine whether these peaks correspond to methane or hydrogen gas. or other products.

Could you please provide guidance or insights regarding the suitability of the Agilent 13-3133 column for distinguishing between methane and hydrogen gas in our experimental setup? Additionally, any recommendations or adjustments to our chromatography conditions that could aid in peak separation and accurate product detection would be greatly appreciated.

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