How to measure Hydrogen sulfide and ammonia with HP-FFAP column?

Additionally, I'm sorry for vague questions. Because it's first time to use GC, I dont know what to do...

I already have a column J&W HP-FFAP GC (No.19091F-433) 30m 0.25mm 0.25um.

I know it is not appropriate, but I need a qualitative. not quantitative.

So, I wanna use this column to check NH3, H2S. but I have no idea how many times I have to heat and wait. and there is no thesis similar to my experiment.

I would thank u very much if u answer me some idea. How many times I have to heat? And what temperature should I heat it?

one more, How much moisture will be okay..? I heard that is critical to equipment.

thank you for reading

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