How to measure Hydrogen sulfide and ammonia with HP-FFAP column?

Additionally, I'm sorry for vague questions. Because it's first time to use GC, I dont know what to do...

I already have a column J&W HP-FFAP GC (No.19091F-433) 30m 0.25mm 0.25um.

I know it is not appropriate, but I need a qualitative. not quantitative.

So, I wanna use this column to check NH3, H2S. but I have no idea how many times I have to heat and wait. and there is no thesis similar to my experiment.

I would thank u very much if u answer me some idea. How many times I have to heat? And what temperature should I heat it?

one more, How much moisture will be okay..? I heard that is critical to equipment.

thank you for reading

  • The temperature range for this column phase is 60° C to 240° C.   It has high polarity and designed for the analysis of volatile fatty acids and phenols.

    The H2S and NH3 would be in what concentrations? In what solvent/gas?  With what GC detector?  Please provide more details.

  • This is absolutely the wrong column. Ammonia and H2S need apolar thick films to be separated and no specialized Free-Fatty-Acid-Phase (FFAP). A CP-Volamines column would do (CP7448) . Ammonia elutes just after CO2 and before water, H2S after water at the position of propane. Still all questions from Paul are valid as an FID cannot see both components, but I assume you use GC/MS as this question was posted there.

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