Can agilent stable bond C18 handle perchloric acid as mobile phase? If yes to which concentration

Hello Wave tone1 

i have a method that badly need the usage of perchloric acid 70% as mobile phase ... tried several columns before but they didn't work any more after a while 

can stable bond withstand it and what precautions should i be aware of 

  • HI,

    no silica-based phase can withstand aqueous perchloric acid! Not only is it a strongly oxidizing acid, but it also is very strong (estim. pKa = -15), i. e. the pH of your element is below 1.5/2.0 which is the limit for silica-based phases.

    Your only solution would be to use a polymeric phase like PLRP-S with 100 A pore size (or what suits your analytes), that's the polymeric equivalent to a reversed phase C18 column.



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