inorganic gas concentration measurement

I am going to measure the concentration of nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and oxygen  gas in the headspace of my bottle and we have agilent GC-MS in our lab (7890B GC- 5977A) MSD). Is it possible with this equipment and what columns and standards are needed? Thank you so much.

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  • Thank you for your answer. Actually I contacted the local support last week but they didn't reply.

  • Actually, for Permanent gases and CO & CO2 separation used two columns through valving system sampling on TCD but you want this on msd by headspace sampling...So best answer can come from Application that need new system or possible modification on current system...

  • ISH is correct.  Easier to do this analysis with TCD.  You may be able to add the necessary parts to the existing GC, but it may be easier to get a new analyzer setup to perform this analysis.

  • Dear ISH, 

    Thank you so much. I found a work used PLOT column for this application. What columns do you think are suitable for this?

  • Dear Lance,

    Thank you so much. So, should I connect the existing GC to tcd?

  • Dear Farzaneh

    Kindly go through above pdf file....

    In short below:

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