Handling guidelines for reagents

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Can anyone help me with some guidelines for handling or managing reagents? You can also share your experience. 

  • Hi - Handling of reagents will depend on what they are, the volume, classification as dangerous goods or not, volatility of the matrix, etc. The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) will have handling information included. SDS are required to be on file and anyone handling the reagents must use personal protective equipment (PPE). Managing the physical storage would depend on the reagents storage conditions as per the manufacturer's specifications. There may be a need for specialized storage cabinets or refrigerator/freezers if the materials warrant. Reagents may have expirations and that date should be well marked and monitored to avoid using expired material. Recording inventory levels and expirations also avoid down time from being out of stock. Keeping the caps on, not pouring used reagent back in the bottle, not introducing any foreign material to the bottle, etc., are all part of good laboratory practices that should be followed at all times. Organizations will have laboratory standard operating procedures (SOP) for the handling of reagents as well. Are there specific reagents? Do you have the part numbers?

  • Thank you Vancleef for sharing the best practices. Appreciate it. 

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