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Are Agilent coded lamps compatible with the Varian GTA 110 instrument? Or do we offer the uncoded ones?

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  • Hello "G",

    Actually, the compatibility of the hollow cathode lamp is independent of the GTA 110 (Graphite Furnace Atomizer accessory).
    The compatibility of the hollow cathode lamp will be dependent on which model AAS instrument the GTA 110 is being used with. In most cases, the instrument model used with the GTA 110 will support use of the Agilent coded lamps, - and this is a great benefit as it reduces the chance of error, especially if you are working with multiple lamps to enable determination of multiple elements in a sequence.
    With a coded lamp, the instrument will know where the lamp is located in the lamp holder - so even if you inadvertently enter the wrong lamp position, the instrument can identify the correct lamp and use this for the analysis.

    Of course, uncoded lamps can also be used - they are a little more economical compared with the coded lamps.
    The performance is exactly the same - but you do need to make sure you have the lamp in the right position as you specified in the analytical method - or you will get an error message that will pause the analytical sequence.

    Hope that addresses your question,
    Cheers Eric

  • Hi Eric

    you have been very helpful indeed. Now another customer wishes to use the uncoded Agilent lamps for the PE Analyst 800 AA system. Can they use them as they come or do they need a special adaptor (if so pls let me have the part no).

    Thank you ever so much for your help!

    I look forward to your response.

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  • Hello Georgia,

    Unfortunately the uncoded Agilent lamps will not fit the PE Analyst 800 AA system. It is not possible to mount them into the instrument - and they cannot be connected electrically. 

    Agilent does also offer a range of lamps that are designed to fit the PE AAS instruments - so offering one of those lamps for the elements of interest is the better approach. Those lamps are designed and built to be equivalent to genuine PerkinElmer Lumina lamps - and will fit directly into the instrument. Check out this link to see the range of lamps available:

    2 inch Coded Hollow Cathode Lamps for PerkinElmer AA systems | Agilent

    Hope that helps you,

    Cheers Eric

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