Looking for the GC column can separate Aniline and DMSO

Hi Everyone, I am hoping I could get some advice with separating Aniline and DMSO with GC-FID.

We tried DB-Wax, DB-624, DB-5 so far but it did not work well. The retention time could be 2 min different max but the problem is DMSO has some impurities that interfere with Aniline peak. We are using Residual solvent grade DMSO but still getting this interfering peak with Aniline. I saw that Agilent has a GC column for Amines, CP-Sil 8 CB for Amines. Does anyone know if this will works? If not does anyone have any ideas which GC column I can separate these compounds? The best scenario is the Aniline peak to coming out after DMSO peaks. 

I am starting to think to derivatizing the compounds as well. I would appreciate for the advice for this as well!

Thanks for your help!

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