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Hello everyone, any recommendations for the following supplies

Waters WAT011695 Nova-Pak C18 Column, 60Å, 4 µm, 3.9 mm X 300 mm and  Waters TruView 186005663CV 


TruView LCMS Certified Clear Glass 12 x 32 mm Screw Neck Total Recovery Vial, with Cap and Preslit PTFE/Silicone Septum, 1 mL Volume.

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  • Hi mcarito,


    as we are not Waters, we can only offer alternative columns and phases. The closest alternative for Nova-Pak C18 is ZORBAX Original ODS:


    These are standard part numbers, but we could also do it custom made with your dimensions, just ask your Agilent Sales contact for a quotation.


    It is a very old type of phase (LC generation 1). Maybe it would be smart to check the application and transfer it to a newer type of phase like generation 3 or superficially-porous. Chromatographically a Pursuit C18 or a ZORBAX Eclipse XDB-C18 (G3) or Poroshell 120 EC-C18 (superficially-porous) are close, but not equivalent.


    As for the vial I suggest you look into our Sample Containment Solutions brochure, it lists all types of vials, certified and not certified. For this, a high recovery vial or vial with insert would be the best solution.


    BTW: you work for an Agilent distributor and therefore should follow the support processes defined between your company and Agilent, not the Community. Your Channel Partner Manager handles these requests, backed by the support teams in Latin America and the US. Thank you for your understanding.


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