7697A Headspace Sampler Supplies


What is the difference between

Sample probe, deactivated SN 1030 G4556-60690

Sample probe, deactivated SN 2000 G4556-60125

in 7697A Headspace Sampler Supplies


and certified and not certified loops for the same device:

3.0 mL G4556-80108

3.0 mL Certified G4556-80128

  • The SN 1030 and SN 2000 reference the type of deactivated coating applied to the steel tubing. Both of these coatings were replaced by Agilent's inert coating in 2014 and those parts were obsoleted.  At the time SN 1030 was considered better for hot aqueous samples. The Agilent coating was tested and found to be more inert than the SN 1030 and SN 2000 coatings.


    The only difference between the certified and non-certified loops is the certified loop volume is gravimetrically verified by an external vendor where as the non-certified loop is not externally verified.  The non-certified loop is expected to be correct based on the tubing dimensions specified in the part drawing.

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