THC , CO and CO2  by GC-FID

I want to check Total hydrocarbon by FID without identifying the hydrocarbon species . Agilent suggest to give me DB-1 15m, 0.32mm, 0.10u as a non polar column to elute all HC without separation as one peak .


  • Does this column will work for Total hydrocarbon as one peak ?
  • If i install methanizer with this column CO and CO2 will eluted or not and what will be the retention time ?
  • Hi Ammasser,


    It depends on the range of hydrocarbons being analyzed.   In general the column phase and the difference in boiling points will cause the hydrocarbons to separate and the hydrocarbons will not elute into one peak.  You could try a short 0.53 mm ID deactivated piece of high temperature silica tubing at a constant high oven temperature to minimize separation.  If the hydrocarbons are not separating then other molecules of interest also will not separate.  There is not a column that will pass the hydrocarbons without separation while separating other molecules.


    CO and CO2 will not separate on a DB-1 column.  After going through the methanizer, there will be a single peak.  The retention time will be dependent on the application parameters (carrier flow rate, column temperature, etc).  Plot columns are the best column for separating CO and CO2, however they cannot be run at high temperatures so the range of hydrocarbons would need to be less than C5.


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  • My expected hydrocarbon in my sample will not exceed C3 . So as your recommendation plot column like AL2O3 will work for HC , CO and CO2 with methanizer .


    please confirm

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