I need a WAX type column that is more inert than ZB-WAXplus



I am using a ZB-WAXplus column that is causing some degradation to one analyte as it passes along the column.


Can anyone suggest a WAX type column phase that has an even more INERT column material?


(There was also some thermal degradation in the inlet - but I have fixed this by lowering injector temperature from 250C to <180C - so I am only worried about degradation occurring while the analyte passes along the column.)




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  • Hello Murray,

    As Josh mentioned, you can try our new DB-WAX Ultra inert GC columns. DB-WAX UI GC columns can  deliver excellent inertness with more reliable peak shape and better longevity performance than many popular WAX columns including ZB-WAX plus. More detailed information, please see application note 5991-6683EN "A New PEG GC Column with Improved Inertness Reliability and Column Lifetime" and 5991-6709EN "DB-WAX UI columns brochure".


    Best Regards,

    Yun Zou





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