LC column C8 4.6x250mm; 5um; base-deactivate

Do you know what LC column from Agilent is C8 base-deactivate?

  • Hi efride,


    modern columns normally don't need base deactivation anymore as their silica is fully end-capped/shielded. Base deactivation was necessary for generation 1 silica.


    The closest to your request is

    PhasePart NumberdpIDLengthUnitColumn TypeFitting
    ZORBAX Eclipse Plus C8959990-9065.0 µm4.6 mm250 mmEAAnalytical ColumnConventional


    If you want to speed your analysis up and have some leeway in the particle size a superficially porous phase:

    PhasePart NumberdpIDLengthUnitColumn TypeFitting
    Poroshell 120 EC-C8690970-9064.0 µm4.6 mm250 mmEAAnalytical ColumnConventional


    Without knowing the application this is the best advise I can give you.


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