What is the difference between HP5 and DB5 columns?

Agilent is selling HP5 and DB5 columns but I cannot find the diffrence between them : the composition looks the same. Can you tell me the difference?


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  • The Agilent GC columns portfolio is historically made up from the portfolios of 4 different companies acquired into Agilent.

    • Hewlett-Packard (all columns with the HP prefix)
    • J&W (all columns with the DB prefix)
    • Chrompack (all columns with the CP prefix)
    • Varian (all columns with the VF prefix)

    As all had a 5% Phenyl/95% Methylpolysiloxane column we now have multiple columns with the same composition, but different names: DB-5 = HP-5 = CP-Sil 8 CB. The production processes and specifications might be different, but the compositions are not.





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