getting most of ECAR data from a mito-stress test

I have a collaborator that is preparing a publication for submission. They have done seahorse comparing two cell lines (WT and KD for gene X) as part of their study, specifically the mito-stress protocol (oligomycin; FCCP; Rot/AA). They have nice OCR data and can draw several observations from that, but they were also wondering how they can exploit the ECAR data from the mito-stress conditions. They see specifically a difference in the pre-oligomycin injection condition (so basically the + glucose basal condition). I would think they can infer basal glycolytic state from this measurement, but I wanted to check with you if this is acceptable reasoning.  They might be able to do additional Seahorse experiment with these cells, in which case I will suggest they do the Rot/AA – 2-DG combination, but in case that is not doable before submitting the manuscript, they’d like to get the most out of the data they have now. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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