Win 7 -> win 10 upgrade Backup

Our IT have suggested to upgrade our Win7 Pc to Win 10 for security reasons. Afaik VWorks 13.1 and Assaymap 3.2.0 works fine with win 10. So far I have created some protocols using individual wellplates and a unique devicefile etc. Is it possible to do a full backup of everything to transfere it to a fresh win 10 system? Furthermore I want to know if its possible to use VWorks if the PC is intergrated into our network. So everyone has its personel account to log in evry computer in the lab for each device or just as a working station.

  • Hello MPUSP.

    Yes, VWorks 13.1 & WB3.2 is fine with Win 10.

    Yes. its possible to back everything up. 

    Backing up and restoring files

    As well follow this document to fully back up VWorks 13.x(this only works for VWorks 13.x and older, will not work for VWorks 14).

    Yes, VWorks is fine to work on PC that is integrated into network, as long as its on same domain.

    You can also configure users, and operators in VWorks. Each one of them can have their own profiles setup.

    if you would like to have more details, please write to 



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