AssayMap Bravo Customer Training- October 2-4, 2018

I have exciting news to share regarding the upcoming AssayMap Bravo Training Class that is being held on October 2-4 at our Center of Excellence Site in Wilmington, Delaware.


This class is designed to give a through overview of all the AssayMAP applications and utilities through a combination of classroom discussions and hands-on exercises.  The target audience for this class is new users and current users who want to expand the work they do on the AssayMAP Bravo.


We are going to be offer this training free of charge this year but we have a capacity limit of 9 participants to ensure maximal hands-on time at the instruments. We are also limiting the number of participants from a single lab to 2. If there are more than 2 folks in the lab that would like training, please let me know and we can place these names on the waitlist.


The basic agenda for this 3-day training is as follows:

Day 1

  • System overview and key system attributes*
  • Using Utilities including proper startup and shutdown exercises**
  • Affinity purification strategies*
  • Affinity Purification and Normalization exercises**

Day 2

  • Purification- digestion- cleanup workflows*
  • Digestion and Cleanup exercises**
  • Peptide fractionation and phosphopeptide enrichment workflows*
  • Fractionation and phosphopeptide enrichment exercises**

Day 3

  • Rapid In-Solution Digestion and On-Cartridge Reaction strategies*
  • Syringe test and syringe replacement exercises**
  • Glycan analysis and new AssayMAP capabilities coming soon*
  • Tips and tricks for transitioning manual workflows onto the AssayMAP platform*


*= classroom discussion

**=hands-on exercises 

(There will be ample opportunities to talk 1:1 with the instructors daily.)


Lunch will be provided each day of the training. A registration site has been set up for this class. Please follow this link to sign up for this exciting course.


If you have questions or would like to have additional information, please let me know.


Kenda Evans

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