AssayMap User's Meeting - Thursday, September 13th @ Agilent HQ in Santa Clara, CA

We are hosting a combined introduction to AssayMap Workshop
and AssayMap User’s Meeting at our Agilent office in Santa Clara on Thursday,
September 13th. You are welcome to join one or both parts. The Intro
to AssayMap Workshop is targeted at new users or those that haven’t had any
exposure. The User’s Meeting is open to everyone, please email me to register (


Please let me know if you would like to join:

  • Intro to
    AssayMap Workshop
  • User’s
    • Would you also like to present on your use
      of the AssayMap and your applications?


Here is the format of the meeting:


  • 9am-11:30am – Intro to AssayMap Workshop
    • Targeted at New Users.
    • 30-60 min of presentation/lecture
    • Remaining time dedicated to live demonstration of the
  • 11:30am-3pm – User’s Meeting
    • Lunch
    • Updates on platform
    • User presentations
    • Q+A/Discussion
    • Live demo until customers leave
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