Virtual AssayMAP Bravo User's Group Meeting

We are so excited to have our first ever virtual AssayMAP Bravo User's Group Meeting on Wednesday 5/27/20. I do hope that you will be able to join us as we hear from several researchers currently using this technology as well as get an update from our Solutions Unit Team. 


It should prove to be a very beneficial and informative virtual group meeting. 


Attached is the flyer with the link for registration to this great upcoming event.

  • Hi Kenda, 

    During the user's group meeting, it was mentioned that presentation may be made available in the near future. Do you know when that might be? I was able to listen but not watch because I couldn't get the plugin in time.




  • HI Julie,


    Great question. We are still working to get all the recordings / presentations prepared that we have approval from our speakers to share on the community page. Hopefully this will be within the coming week or so. We will definitely send out an announcement when these are ready for viewing. 


    Information about the new version of the Workbench 3.2 and the new higher capacity cartridges are already posted under the AssayMap Resources button on the right hand side near the top. You will get a list of all the resources listed and if you scroll down to the "New Software Updates" section and click on the "Agilent AssayMAP Workbench v3.2" the presentation is attached as a PDF file at the end of this announcement regarding the updates. 


    Do let us know if this is helpful and if you have other questions. 


    Enjoy the weekend and stay healthy,




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