On March 7th 2022 the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) released details on security vulnerabilities that have been found in Axeda Desktop Server for Windows and Axeda Agent. Agilent’s Remote Advisor service offering (‘DataSource’ versions A.01.01 to A.02.12) included the Axeda Desktop Server component. This software component was eliminated in version A.02.13 in 2018 but may still reside on computer systems used for Remote Advisor before that time.

Recommended Action:

As the vulnerable component is no longer required as part of the current Remote Advisor service offering, we recommend that customers uninstall the Axeda Desktop Server component that may still be installed in their environment.


  • A security vulnerability in an obsolete software component previously used by Agilent's Remote Advisor service has been found by CyberMDX’s vulnerability research team and is being reported publicly on March 7th 2022.
  • The affected software component, Axeda Desktop Server was used to enable remote collaboration prior to 2018 for the Agilent Remote Advisor service.
  • The remote collaboration software component was removed from the ‘DataSource’ in 2018 in version A.02.13.
  • For systems installed before 2018, the Axeda Desktop Server software component may still reside on the ‘DataSource’ computer and should be removed.
  • No other vulnerabilities affecting Agilent offerings have been identified.
  • Instructions to search for and remove the Axeda Desktop Server software component are the following:

Steps to remove the Axeda Desktop Server software

1.  Navigate to "Add or Remove Programs" in your Windows OS

2.  Search for "Axeda Desktop Server"

3.  Select "Axeda Desktop Server" then select "Uninstall"

4.  Reboot the PC/Server

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