Hello Community Members!

To bring a more personalized experience to the Community, we have updated our selectable avatars for Community Member Profiles. Instead of the seemingly random collection of avatars, there are now avatars that are hopefully more meaningful to our members: birds, animals, sports objects and more. 

We would love to see our community members’ faces, so we encourage you to use a photo or yourself as your avatar. But, if you prefer not to do that, we hope you will find these new avatar choices to be more compelling or perhaps inspire you to use something similar that is more personal. If you were using one of the legacy selectable avatars, your profile picture has been changed to the default avatar.

To change the default avatar:

  1. Hover over your profile picture in the upper-right corner then click Profile.

Access Community User Profile.

2. Under Actions click Edit Profile.

Edit Community Profile Button.

3. Hover over the default avatar image and click Change.

Change Community Profile Picture.

4. Choose Upload to upload your own image or Select to choose from the updated list of selectable avatars. If you upload your own image, be sure the image you use follows the Terms and Conditions.

Upload or Select a Community Avatar.

5. Click Save once you have made your selection.

6. Under Actions click Save Profile to save the changes.

Save Community Profile Button.

Comment if you have questions.

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