Error in GPIB communication_ VISA read ERROR 1073807302

I have Agilent E4980A LCR meter which I call in Labview via GPIB GPIB connection. The same LCR meter is also sometimes used in another system via USB USB connection. In both the systems it has been responding fine.

But recently, it has stopped responding through the GPIB GPIB connection. In LabView VISA read, i get an error 1073807302: Unable to start process due to invalid setup. Moreover, once i connect the LCR meter the other devices also stop responding showing the same error code. Interestingly, the moment i disconnect the LCR meter ( not just switching) from the GPIB network, all other instruments respond as before.

The LCR meter is responding with USB USB connection in the other system.

GPIB card that i use is from Keithley - KPCI 488A,

When connected, E4980A LCR meter is detected as a GPIB instrument, but gives error when trying to communicate.

Please help !!

Thank you

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