how to remove "reject check" from calibration curve?


1. we obtained Al calibration curve but noticed one of the calibration points was removed by reject selection. And also  two gree dots were observed too. 

2. we trie to include this point into the calibration curve by checking out " reject", but we could not find where to do? 

why was this reject selected automatically by the instrument? what factor triggered it? 

3. why did two green dots appear? 

Thank you

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  • Hi Kitty2022,

    I am copying my response from the Atomic Spectroscopy thread, just in case someone who has the same question comes across this post:

    You can reject or unreject a standard in the calibration curve pane of online or offline data analysis. Make sure you click "Process Batch" and save after doing this. Please see screen capture below. The software does not automatically reject curve points, it must have been accidently selected or carried over from a previous batch. The green dots mean the instrument measured the standard in Analog mode. The blue dots were measured in Pulse mode. Hope this helps


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