Setting Gain for Measuring Fluorescence Using Biotek Synergy H1 Microplate Reader

I am using a Biotek Synergy H1 microplate reader and the Gen5 software version 3.12.8.

I have been trying to measure fluorescence using the machine, but I am having trouble setting the gain.

The default shows <extended> gain and does not allow me to set it to a particular value. When I produce reports, it shows that the gain was zero and sometimes 100. How do I set it so that I can manually put the value?

  • Hi and thank you for the question! 

    To switch from extended dynamic range to standard range which allows a manual setting you need to click on the edit button next to the read speed selection and switch to "standard".

    Once you are using standard dynamic range you will be able to type in a gain value within the allowable working range. 

    Typical gain settings-

    Detection Type Low High
    Fluorescence Filters 35 120
    Fluorescence Monochromator 50 150
    Luminescence Filters 100 255
    Luminescence Luminescence fiber 100 255
    Time-Resolved FL Filters 100 255
    Time-Resolved FL (Neo2 Laser) Filters 75 255
    Time-Resolved FL: Synergy HT Filters 150 255
    Fluorescence Polarization Filters 35 120

  • Thank you for your response.
    I will try to change the settings.
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