Biotek Synergy HT microplate reader

Hi all. I am trying to run the kinetics of catalase decay against H2O2 using 240 nm absorbance. I am using Biotek Synergy HT microplate reader and Gen5 software. I need the kinetics every second or 15 second at maximum for 2 minutes. I am not able to adjust the time to get reading every 15 second. It gives an error message something like the time limit selected is not possible. So, my question is whether the device is not able to give reading every 15 seconds or is there any mistake with my protocol? Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Prasanna.  You've likely identified the cause of your error.  Assuming that your Gen5 protocol specifies the reading of an entire 96 well microplate, the Synergy HT will not be able to read the entire plate in 15 seconds.  The minimum interval will be closer to 1 minute.  If Gen5 is communicating with the instrument while you are building your protocol, there is an option to set your kinetic interval to the minimum that the instrument is capable of, as opposed to setting a defined time.  I expect that this will work well for you.  While we are discussing the Synergy HT, I should mention that this model is no longer fully supported.  We can still offer some level of remote support, however we no longer of service (e.g. PM, repair, etc.).  Please let us know if you have any other questions.  -Bob O.

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