My Department is looking for a new title

So this is not quite a technical question, but we are a technical group.  My department has been refered to as the Quality Assurance department.  We work in the quality group, but unlike every other QA group I have ever known we work in the lab.  We perform method development, validation, and verifications on instrumentation and reports.  We repair and run GCs, LCs, ICP-MS, FIR and UV-VIS (All from Agilent ).  We also work with R&D for new product development and testing.  We also do the more complicated and long winded testing for product release, customer complaints and investigations as part of the Quality group.  So what should we be called?  A department name change has been a long requested change and it looks like it may be possible soon.  Also not sure where this question should reside, so any help there would be great. 

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