The perfect report

Hello Everyone,


I wondering how to create the perfect report.


I created 1 report which is good for our ISTD calculation. I tweaked the positions of the positions and added al necessary data.

Actually I am pretty happy with that one. But my supervisor asked if its possible to just create 1 report with all data in it.

I want to copy all into the extended summary report.


I still want to know how to create this.


Do you think its easier to copy my items ( from my "good" report ) into the sequence summary report, or create a new one.

The cool thing is that, the Sequence Summary Report contains nearly all data we need. Method, Sequence, Chromatograms and our calculation. ( fields )


I just want to print out 1 report instead of 3.


How did you solve that problem.

  • Ok I found out that I was able to copy my current report into the "Summary Summary Extendet"

    So I only got a tiny question left.

    How can I copy the Layout for the Sequence from the "Sequence Summary" Short to it copy paste didn't work.

    and when I checked the differences between 


    I was not able to put it in my new report template. I couldn't find =ReportStyle in the list.


    Thank you

  • Ok I found out a good solution.


    I just take the Summary extended report.

    Delete the items that aren't necessary and copy paste every item from my previous created report in.

    It took some time, but the result are very good.


    Its really easy to create a good report with the report editor.


    So we have al necessary information in it ( Method amx+pmx , Sequence, Spectrograms+Calculation )

    It actually got 30 Pages, but we only have to create 1 instead of 3 reports.

    So now I only do the "fine tuning" of the layout.

  • The document map I mentioned earlier changes when I switch the snippets.

    So the Report look like this.


    1st page

    2nd page

    Method Sequence Calibration Data



    3rd Page

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