Getting a method for two different actives in a SC product

Hi everyone.

I have an SC (suspension concentrate) product in which both actives have different behaviours in chromatography because one of them (gliphosate) is water soluble but the other (difluphenican) is not, so it is in suspension. The method that we have got is not for both actives, but for separating one by one, with different columns for getting the better resolution for each of them. We would like to get an only method for both of them.

Could you help me please? Thank you very much in advance.

  • I did a quick literature search and quickly found a number of applications where difluphenican was used in a reverse phase method with water and an organic as the two mobile phases.   I am assuming you mean glyphosate and not  “glyphosate”.

    It  is extremely polar, with a logP of -4.6.   Difluphenican has a logP of 4.  While that is a bit non-polar in nature, it is by no means insoluble in water.  Glyphosate is the more challenging compound in that it needs to be derivatized in order to get retention in a typical reverse phase method.

    Please submit a ticket with your local columns and supplies group and they will be able to further assist.

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