Manual Selection of Standards

Hello, I'm Dwi Eryono Kasih.
I want to ask for help.
I analyzed the glycerin sample using Agilent FTIR Cary 630. I used MicroLab software. The method used is qualitative method.
After the analysis results are obtained, the analysis results should be compared with the existing standard in the library, namely ATR (62) for USP Reference Standard Glycerin. However, the results obtained turned out to be compared with other standards. My question is how to choose the desired comparison standard in the library?


Please help and thank you.
Sorry if my English is not good.




Regards. Dwi Eryono Kasiha

  • There are a number of items that can effect the Search Results with any IR Searching Programs. These included, but are not limited to the following: 

    1. The number of libraries that are being searched.

    2. The quality of the spectra in the library.

    3. The quality of the spectrum being searched.

    4. The Search Algorithm that is being used

    5. Both the analytical technique used to collect the library spectra and the analytical technique used to collect the sample spectrum.


    The Microlab PC software does not allow the USER to select a specific library entry. One must search a library and the top matched from the library will be displayed. In your case, I would start out by limited the number of libraries that are searched. This is done by editing the method, selecting the Libraries tab and using the Add/Remove buttons.

    Ensure that the library with the desired spectrum is the only library in the method and re-Search sample.


    Than overlay the spectra on the screen and check if there are any extra peaks in either the sample spectrum or the library spectrum. Remember most libraries contain "pure" spectra of known samples. If there are extra peaks in either of the two spectra, that will lower the quality of the library match.

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