Liquid GC column for the analysis of glycerol from the mixture of steam reforming products

Please, I would like to know the appropriate column used for the analysis of glycerol especially the unreacted glycerol from the liquid mixture of steam reforming of glycerol?

Secondly, DB Wax UI columns have been suggested for the analysis of glycerol, however, the maximum temperature limits for these columns are 260 and 250 C for 0.25 um and 0.5um respectively. My questions are: considering the boiling point of glycerol (290C) for the development of GC method for the analysis, is it possible to bake-out or ramp-up the column to the temperatures higher than its limits?


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  • you can always derivitise the glycerol with compounds such as BSTFA.


    BSTFA reacts with -OH groups however. But you could convert a sample to a triglyceride by reacting it with something as simple as acetic acid. This lowers the boiling point of glycerol and change how it is retained even on a C18 column. You will find that most non-polar organic columns will differentiate between a glyceride that has either 1, 2 or 3 acetyl ester groups.

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    not the boiling point but the vapour pressure is the limiting factor. Glycerol can be analyzed on any Wax column:

    Because of the still high elution temperatures I wouldn't go for Wax UI, but use a standard DB-Wax column or this one above mentioned.

    You cannot use columns above their maximum operating temperatures (Tmax), not even for bake-out! You will destroy your column.



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