How to develop SIM method for 50 ions in Agilent 7890-5977A?

Hi, I am using Agilent 7890 with 5977A mass spectrometer. I am trying to develop a SIM method for 50 ions. But, it is showing that I can not do it as it exceeds more than 20 ions. Can you suggest me how can I do it? I have attached the snapshot of SIM time segment in my instrument.

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  • Hi Ron, Thank you very much for your response. How many groups can I develop for a particular SIM method (briefly how many rows can I add in a SIM table?) You can let me know in terms of the number of ions.

    Here is my situation.

    I have 44 compounds with known retention time. I want to measure all of those compounds from a real matrix and therefore I need to develop a SIM method table for almost 50 ions. But, I can not add more than 22 groups in my SIM table or can say not more than 22 ions if I incorporate only one ion per group. It is saying some error. Please follow the attachment 

  • It is saying the real time plot ion (upper left hand corner), it is trying to plot more than 20. Uncheck the plot ion box.

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